Grzegorz Tomaszewski – Ślimakowe Rytmy – Beats of Cochlea

Grzegorz Tomaszewski

Master of guzheng

Grzegorz used to attend private classes taught by late Bronisław Leszczyński. During his intimate solo recitals, he tries to show the impressive array of sounds emitted by the three types of stringed instruments i.e. concert zither, harp and Hungarian zither. He has released his three solo albums such as "Rośnie ziele" [Growing Herbs] (2005), "Kuranty przeszłości" [Chimes of the Past] (2011) and "Zither Music" (2017), as well as a dozen or so albums, which have been recorded in collaboration with other artists. The most interesting of such joint releases was the one entitled "Na skrzyżowaniu rzek" [Where the Rivers Cross] of Pałucki Quartet (2015). During his 30-year-long career on stage he has performed in many European countries. In 2006, he represented the Polish Radio at the European Radio Union’s Festival in Kaustinen (Finland) together with Michał Kulenty (saxophone, flutes). Grzegorz has been also taking efforts in order to promote the Polish culture during events hosted by the Polish Consulate in Milan.