Marek Bracha – Ślimakowe Rytmy – Beats of Cochlea

Marek Bracha

Master of piano

Marek is one of the most intriguing young Polish pianists. He mostly prefers a classical romantic repertoire, which he usually plays on both modern and historical instruments. At the same time, he is also fond of contemporary music, including solo, intimate and orchestra pieces. Besides, Marek also teaches to play historical instruments. As an artist, he has already appeared on stages all over the world. In 2013 his debut album containing Chopin’s music was released by NIFC. Meanwhile, last year, CD Accord also released "Modern Soul", an album on which Marek Bracha accompanied Agata Szymczewska, an outstanding violin player. This record received the "Supersonic" award granted by a prestigious Pizzicato magazine. In the summer 2016 the artist took part in a series of projects including, among other, "Transkrypcje" festival in Warsaw. He is now working on his recital including a series of preludes composed in various centuries, starting from the baroque to the present times, to be presented in the coming seasons.