Concert – Ślimakowe Rytmy – Beats of Cochlea


In the organizers’ intention, this year’s concert will reflect the multidimensionality of music, showing its powerful effect. Each tone, each pause, each dissonance or harmony, largo or vivo are a gateway to the world of private experience. They have the power to affect our emotions and change them.

During the concert, specially selected musical pieces will bring calmness and relaxation while others will invigorate and increase concentration. The audience will go on the musical journey with therapeutical elements in the company of instructors of workshops, musicians and music therapists, and guests. The stars of the 7th Festival “Beats of Cochlea” – the laureates of this year’s edition from Poland and abroad, will appear on-screen. Their instrumental and vocal performances will be enhanced by videos recorded in beautiful sceneries – places particularly dear to them, visually complementing the music they perform with passion and commitment. Another attraction will be the performance of the Masovia String Quartet – the chamber string quartet founded by a group of friends – virtuosos and music lovers.

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