Ślimakowe Rytmy – Beats of Cochlea – Międzynarodowy Festiwal Muzyczny Dzieci, Młodzieży i Dorosłych z Zaburzeniami Słuchu

6th International Festival for Children, Youth and Adults with Hearing Disorders “Beats of Cochlea”

“Plenitude of sound through the looking glass”
or e-Festival and e-conference

This year Prof. Henryk Skarżyński together with the team of the World Hearing Center in Kajetany invites you to participate in the 6th Festival “Beats of Cochlea”.

e-Festival 13-15 July 2020
This year’s edition entitled “Plenitude of sound through the looking glass” – due to the extraordinary circumstances caused by Covid-19 – is planned as a fully online event, guaranteeing safety of both participants and spectators. Workshops, courses and scientific lectures will be available on the festival’s website: www.festiwal.ifps.org.pl, without leaving home, you will be able to expand your knowledge and musical skills, as well as experience the creative power of music.

e-Conference 13.07.2020.
During the e-Festival, we also invite patients, their families, scientists and clinical staff and all interested persons to follow a scientific e-conference of the same title on the screens of their computers. The conference will take place on July 13 at the World Hearing Center in Kajetany, and you will be able to follow it online or watch materials posted on the festival’s website at any time at your convenience.

e-Workshops 14.07.2020.
Participants of both the e-Festival and e-conference will have the opportunity to fall in love with the magical realm of sounds, and online classes will help them to explore and fully enjoy it. Everyone will also be able to feel the healing power of art. The participants will experience the plenitude of sound during online art therapy workshops, with art activities as a way of self-expression, which is perfectly mastered by all artists, dancers or musicians.

The organizers invite you to the following activities and workshops:

  • Dalcroze eurhythmics and dance therapy workshops – during online activities we will see and feel how eurhythmics develops the artistic abilities, improves mindfulness, memory and lateralization.
  • Real breath of life, or music therapy – we all know that music strongly affects our nervous system, i.a. neural network in the brain, increases neuroplasticity and supports the reconstruction of connections between its various regions. Properly selected music relaxes, helps to sleep or animates, boosts energy.
  • Some therapy for everyone, or online mindfulness workshops – the exercises helpful for all – children, youth and adults, especially people suffering from tinnitus. They will be led by Krzysztof Stachyra, PhD, World Federation of Music Therapy.
  • Classes for singing and speech lovers – tunique online workshops on voice emission and speech.

Online gala concert 15 July 2020

To close the e-Festival a gala concert, in an unusual but attractive form, will be streamed directly to your home. Besides performances of festival laureates you will also be able to see and hear the most emotional and beautiful fragments of the Interrupted Silence musical in a form specially prepared for this occasion. Musical with a script written by Prof. Henryk Skarżyński, music composed by Prof. Krzesimir Dębski, and directed by Michał Znaniecki had its premiere on 15 September 2019 in the Warsaw Chamber Opera in Warsaw.

More information about the e-Festival “Beats of Cochlea”, including regulations and application form, can be found on the website www.festiwal.ifps.org.pl

You are more than welcome!

We invite you to watch a short history and summary
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