Bylaws – Ślimakowe Rytmy – Beats of Cochlea

BYLAWS of the Festival “Beats of Cochlea.”

1. Organizers

  1. The Organizers of the Festival “Beats of Cochlea” and Master Classes, hereinafter referred to as the “Beats of Cochlea,” taking place within the framework of “Music in Human Auditory Development” Program, hereinafter referred to as the Program, are the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing – World Hearing Center, 10 Mochnackiego St., 02-042 Warsaw, Poland and the Institute of Sensory Organs, Kajetany, 1 Mokra St., 05-830 Nadarzyn.
  2. The Organizers invite the cooperation of companies, institutions, and individuals who would like to make an in-kind, financial or organizational contribution to the preparation and realization of the “Beats of Cochlea.”
  3. The Organizers agree that the “Beats of Cochlea” will include the Master Classes that will end with the performance of the Master Classes’ participants’ musical skills, further referred to as the “Final Musical Performance.”

2. Time and place

  1. The “Beats of Cochlea” is held annually in July as part of the Polish Program of Treatment of Deafness with Hearing Implants’ anniversary celebrations.
  2. The Master Classes and the Final Musical Performance may take place in music studios or venues belonging to the Organizers and partners of the “Beats of Cochlea.”

3. Aims of the “Beats of Cochlea”

The “Beats of Cochlea” is an international art and educational event for musically gifted children, youths, and adults with hearing disorders who use auditory implants. The “Beats of Cochlea” is accompanied by the Master Classes conducted by professional musicians from Poland and other countries. The aims of the “Beats of Cochlea” are:

  1. to popularize and promote musical abilities and talents (both instrumental and vocal) of children, youths, and adults from different countries who have hearing disorders and use auditory implants;
  2. to raise global awareness of the fact that hearing problems are not a barrier to professional interest in music and musical career;
  3. to discover musical talents among children, youths, and adults with hearing disorders using auditory implants;
  4. to promote “Music in Human Auditory Development” Program, aiming at speeding up the rehabilitation process with the help of specially composed music for those with hearing impairments;
  5. to unite the community of the deaf and hard-of-hearing people with musical talents;
  6. to share musical experiences among people with hearing problems;
  7. to organize the “Beats of Cochlea” with clear and transparent rules of selection of Participants.

4. Rules of participation

  1. The Participant Entries are only accepted through the electronic Entry Form available in 3 languages (Polish, English, and Russian) on the website The application deadline is announced on the Festival website for each edition of the “Beats of Cochlea.” After that date, the Participant Entry Form is not active. The Organizers reserve the right to extend or shorten the application deadline.
  2. The Participant Entry should include:
    1. music material (own composition or cover, instrumental, vocal or vocal-instrumental piece), max. 5 minutes, in the following formats: audio files mp3, wma, or video files avi, mp4, mov, wmv; the basic key in which a piece of music is written and notation of the composition for piano in the key it will be performed;
    2. a short (min. 1000 characters) bio note of the Participant (in Polish or English) and a photograph;
    3. the type of the hearing implant used by the Participant;
    4. the date and place of implantation;
    5. the consent for data sharing as required by the Polish law and consent to the use of the image.
  3. The Organizers select Participants qualified for Master Classes from among the submitted entries.
  4. In the case of minor Participants, according to the laws of Poland or the country of Participant’s citizenship, participation in the Master Classes and the Final Musical Performance requires a presenting the signed Parental/Legal Guardian Consent Form to the Organizers. The Form is available for downloading on
  5. The Festival Participant or their guardian declares and is liable for having the copyright to the work or rights or license to submitted work or composition or is entitled to perform the work by law.
  6. The Organizers reserve the right to shorten the presented composition during Master Classes or the Final Musical Performance.
  7. The “Beats of Cochlea” and Master Classes are intended for children, youths, and adults who have hearing disorders and use auditory implants.
  8. The Organizers reserve the right to change (increase/reduce) the number of Participants for Master Classes and Final Musical Performance.
  9. Participants’ Eligibility to Master Classes is based on their level of musical and artistic skills presented in a submitted recording.
  10. Preselection of Participants is done by the Organizers, who may appoint the Jury of “Beats of Cochlea.”
  11. To participate in the “Beats of Cochlea,” it is necessary to provide a Participant’s consent to the image use. The consent form is included in the Entry  Form on the website.
  12. Any implanted person may apply to participate in the Master Classes, regardless of whether she/he participated in previous editions of the “Beats of Cochlea.” The laureates of the last edition of the “Beats of Cochlea” cannot enter the competition

5. “Beats of Cochlea” framework

  1. The “Beats of Cochlea” include the musical Master Classes. During the Master Classes, famous artists – leading pedagogues share their experience with participants.
  2. Master Classes will end with a musical performance of participants selected by the Organizers or the Jury, i.e., the Final Musical Performance.
  3. The Organizers decide the order of performances during the Final Musical Performance.
  4. The Program of the Festival may include accompanying events like concerts, guest performances, screenings of films, etc.

6. Organization

  1. The Organizers provide accommodation and meals and cover transportation costs for all invited participants of the Master Classes and Final Musical Performance. For minors or persons who do not have full legal capacity, the Organizers also cover travel and meals for one legal Guardian.
  2. The Organizers provide amplification equipment, technical and acoustic assistance.
  3. Participants of the “Beats of Cochlea” agree that their performances will be recorded and that the recorded materials will be used for marketing and promotion of the “Beats of Cochlea” and “Music in Human Auditory Development” Program.
  4. The “Beats of Cochlea”  may be canceled at any time due to circumstances beyond the Organizers’ control.
  5. The Organizers reserve the right to change the program of “Beats of Cochlea” at any time.

7. Prizes

  1. Awards are assigned by the Organizers of the Jury of the “Beats of Cochlea.”
  2. The Organizers reserve the right to choose and change the list of prizes.

8. Final provisions

  1. All matters not settled in these Bylaws will be decided by the Organizers. The Bylaws and the Festival “Beats of Cochlea” are subject to the law of Poland.
  2. The submission of an Entry Form to the “Beats of Cochlea” equals accepting its Bylaws.
  3. The Organizers reserve the right to amend these Bylaws.