Ślimakowe Rytmy – Beats of Cochlea


Darina Bobrovnitskaya

11 years, Ukraine, piano

Darina is 11 years old, she was born as a healthy girl. When she was 1, she suffered from acute otitis media, which caused deafness. After getting a hearing aid, she learned how to listen and speak but only the closest relatives could understand her. When Darina turned 3 years old, her parents decided on cochlear implant for her. After the surgery and activation of speech processor, hearing rehabilitation accelerated. Improvement in recognition of speech and instruments sounds was also noticeable.

Her first contact with music took place on speech rehabilitation class. It was her mother, who induced her to participate in music lesson. First sound she recognised was lute. With the passage of time she learned how to play on various instruments, but her teacher guided her musical education for piano, which she plays since 5 years. Music is not her only passion, she loves to dance, too. Darina is very happy of having her implant. She can speak, hear and understand speech as well as play instrument and develope her music skills.