Ślimakowe Rytmy – Beats of Cochlea


Gerda Wirick

69 years, Canada, piano

Gerda has always loved and enjoyed music, and she could boast about good health until January 2016, when she got sick with virus otitis media and lost her hearing within three weeks. The inability to accept the situation caused, that she sought help from specialists and wanted to regain her precious gift. She was waiting for her implantiation about 4 months, Gerda recalls this time as very difficult moments, but after the surgery she was happy that she could hear the music again.

Gerda took piano lessons as a child, she also sang in a school and church choir, in high school she played cello and went to orchestral classes. After hearing loss and its restoration through the hearing implant she was enchanted by music again and after many years decided to return to the piano lessons. In her opinion, these lessons are an extraordinary and pleasant experience, thanks to which she feels that her musical hearing is improving every day.